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Un-Cruise Adventures Cruises

Un-Cruise Adventures Cruises

Have you ever taken a cruise packed with so many activities that you felt more tired after the cruise than you felt before the ship embarked from its home port? As the name implies, Un-Cruise Adventures shatters the stigma of cruises running you ragged with myriad activities and special events. The niches cruise line caters to guests who want to experience unique, flexible itineraries that take them off the beaten path into a world of wild animals, verdant forests, and idyllic waterfalls. You don’t have to wait in long lines to see some of the most spectacular scenery presented by any other cruise line. Un-Cruise Adventures has carved such a deep niche providing guests with such relaxing and educational cruises that the cruise line enjoys one of the highest repeat business rates in the industry.

Best Cruise Destinations

The best destinations for Un-Cruise Adventures take you deep into the water inlets that define the Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington coasts. Un-Cruise Adventures not only navigates the Pacific Ocean, it also sails deep into the Snake and Columbia Rivers, where passengers have up close encounters with wildlife, such as bears and moose. Alaskan cruises run from April to September and anywhere between seven and 21 days. The river cruises take less time and cover much less water.


Every itinerary developed by Un-Cruise Adventures consists of a small group of passengers. Whether touring with a guide native to Alaska or kayaking in the turbulent waters of the Snake River, guests don’t have to deal with large crowds of people ruining their explorations into the pristine countryside. You can expect numerous insightful cultural encounters heightened by the knowledge of native tour guides. Un-Cruise Adventures emphasizes the natural splendor of its destinations, not the flashy neon lights that attract guests who travel on other cruise lines. The niche cruise line provides large cabins for families who want to experience an un-cruise like adventure into the untamed wild. You can expect to travel with seasoned, educated passengers who have a thirst for learning more about the raw environment presented on Un-Cruise Adventures cruises.


Un-Cruise Adventure operates a seven-ship fleet that carries between 22 and 88 passengers. The small fleet and limited capacity means cruises often sell out within hours of the company posting the itineraries online. Rapid sellouts can exclude large families from booking the necessary space that accommodates their groups. High demand for reservations has bumped up cruise package prices since the company’s inception in 2013.

Outstanding Features

The small ships don’t sacrifice luxury or comfort, especially within the ornate cabins that feature several guest friendly amenities. Each of the seven ships operates with a team of expedition experts that provide helpful tips on how maximize your cruising experience. Culinary options concentrate on incorporating locally sourced ingredients that include native herbs and spices. Passengers enjoy fresh seafood, whether its fish caught near the Galapagos Islands or crustaceans gathered near the Hawaii. The option to kayak to remote ocean and river locations gives guests the opportunity to get away from it all.

Un-Cruise Adventures Cruise

Un-Cruise Adventures Cruise












            • - Small number of passengers
            • - Visits remote deep inland ports
            • - Large cabins


            • - Limited capacity creates sell outs
            • - High demand increased cruise package prices