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Types of Cruises

One of the reasons guests have poor cruising experiences is that they chose the wrong type of cruise. Most cruise lines offer several types of cruises to ensure they attract a large number of passengers. Before you book a cruise, learn about the most common types of cruises to make your cruising experience enjoyable.

Family Cruises

Cruises lines that cater to families create myriad activities that keep children busy throughout the itineraries. The dedication to running children’s programs attracts parents of young children who want quiet time for themselves. Some of the children activities found on family oriented cruises include dancing, karaoke, video games, and storytelling. Most family cruises break down children programs by age brackets. Family oriented cruises are also great venues for holding family reunions. Families chose cruises to avoid packing and unpacking at every destination on their itineraries.

Romantic Cruises

On the other side of the cruise spectrum sits romantic cruises. Also referred to as couples cruises, this type of cruise promotes a romantic ambiance devoid of the clamoring of young children. Honeymooners and couples that celebrate wedding anniversaries want to dine in an intimate atmosphere and have a wide selection of entertainment options. Many romantic cruises travel to places that promote intimacy, such as Venice, Hawaii, and the South Pacific islands. Some of the amenities on romantic cruises include complimentary bottles of champagne, balconies, and world-class spas.

Seniors Cruises

Seniors search for cruises that foster passenger camaraderie and once in a lifetime experiences. Cruises that cater to seniors typically feature heart-healthy cuisine and multiple dining options. Many cruises dedicated to attracting seniors offer lecture programs that describe in detail the characteristics of itinerary destinations. Senior cruises also offer several recreational activities, such as swimming, shuffleboard, and miniature golf. Cruise lines ensure seniors with mobility issues have access to the entire ship.

Singles Cruises

Single cruises promote onboard entertainment options to help passengers interact with each other. Dance clubs, live music, and casinos are just some of the entertainment options offered by single cruises. Singles that prefer to enjoy solo, quiet sojourns that emphasize exploring destinations should carefully review every itinerary presented by cruise lines that cater to single passengers. Cruise programs such as Single Partners encourage singles to mingle by pairing diners for formal dinner service.

World Cruises

Introduced around the turn of the new millennium, world cruises appeal to guests who want to travel to a number of global destinations. Some world cruises hit destinations in the Caribbean, before heading off to Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Onshore itineraries play the largest factor in keeping passengers occupied during world cruises. Most world cruises unfold on large ships that provide spacious accommodations and numerous entertainment venues to help pass the time on long distance itinerary treks.