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Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises just doesn’t operate eight luxurious ships in its fleet, it operates eight luxurious ships that carry small groups of guests to some of the most popular port destinations in the world. With names such as Cloud, Window, Shadow, and Spirit, Silver seas Cruises ships don’t exceed 500 passengers in capacity. The intimate ambiance encourages guest to interact with each other and forge lifetime friendships that carry well beyond subsequent cruises. While most cruise lines construct larger ships to generate more revenue, Silversea Cruises adheres to its guiding business philosophy of promoting the type of close camaraderie that makes visiting remote port destinations a more memorable experience.

Best Cruise Destinations

Silversea Cruises sends ships throughout the world, but the leading luxury line specializes in cruises that venture deep within the Mediterranean Sea and South Pacific Ocean. Guests choose between traveling on cruises that go to either eastern or western Mediterranean ports. Eastern Mediterranean ports include the spellbinding Greek Isles and Dalmatian coastal gems. Western Mediterranean excursions invariably land at the sun soaked French Riviera and next to the spectacular Iberian shores. The best destinations also include South Pacific ports that never appear on other luxury cruise line itineraries.


In addition to the landmark destinations that define Silversea Cruises, the luxury cruise line also sails into smaller harbors that larger vessels cannot access. The ability to reach small ports provides passengers with rare glimpses into the lifestyles of natives who open their arms to the cruise line tourist trade. Despite the myriad luxurious amenities onboard Silversea Cruises ships, the best attribute of the cruise line lies in the diversified itineraries that give guests plenty of time to explore. The leading luxury cruise line has created Silversea expeditions that promote the sprit of exploration. Large, lavish cabins pamper guests and the multiple dining venues offer fare for every type of palate.


What constitutes the luxury cruise line’s greatest strength can also fall into the weakness category. The small ships make it difficult for guests to land reservations. Some of the most popular cruise destinations require reservations up to a year in advance of the ship’s launch. Some reviewers consider Silversea Cruises to land on the high end of the luxury line price range

Outstanding Features

Silversea Cruises offers travellers several features that you cannot find on competing luxury cruise ships. Perhaps the best feature offered by the luxury cruise line is the comprehensive wellness program offered on a few of the ships. Collaborating with Technogym, Silversea Cruises has developed a comprehensive health enhancement program that includes nutritional counseling provided by certified nutritionists. Each of the participating ships promotes healthy menus that direct passengers on a path towards eating the right types of naturally prepared foods. Guests take part in fitness exercises such as Yoga and water sports to bolster both the mind and body. Passengers learn how to make meditation a vital part of their lives.

Silversea Cruise

Silversea Cruise












            • - Sails throughout the world
            • - Access to smaller harbors
            • - Large cabins


            • - Difficult to book due to low ship count and high demand
            • - Below average value