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SeaDream Cruises

SeaDream Cruises

SeaDream Yacht Club is just not another competitor in the luxury cruise line niche. The 112-passenger per ship cruise line operates on the principle of ensuring that casual perfection permeates every cruise itinerary. With a fleet comprised of SeaDream I and SeaDream II, the luxury cruise line achieved the top two ratings in the “Boutique Ships” category of the 2013 Berlitz Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships. SeaDream promotes an ambiance that makes guests feel as if they are enjoying a trip on a luxurious yacht. The customized decks on both ships provide guests with 360-degree panoramic views of some the most gorgeous natural splendors found throughout the world. Six decks form the foundations of two ships that belie the stereotypical ship structure that dominates the cruise line industry.

Best Cruise Destinations

The best destinations for SeaDream Yacht club unfold among the islands that form the Caribbean peninsula. Passengers can board either ship in several ports for multi-destination itineraries that highlight pristine beaches and festive cultures. SeaDream makes San Juan, Puerto Rico a focal destination for travels who want to spend a few days enjoying the up tempo nightlife. Guests who book reservations for Caribbean cruises through SeaDream Yacht Club typically spend most of their time participating in water activities, whether they scuba dive deep within a cove or ski over crystal clear blue water.


Taking a cruise operated by SeaDream is unlike any other cruise offered by competing cruise lines. SeaDream Cruises books only 56 couples per cruise to ensure each guest enjoys an intimate cruising experience. Both ships employ 95 guest service professionals to provide an uncompromising level of attention and pampering. The unprecedented crew to guest ratio does not overwhelm passengers who prefer to cruise in privacy. SeaDream charges an inclusive fare that includes ocean view suites, wine with lunch and dinner, gourmet cuisine, and gratuities. Several cruise line industry experts credit SeaDream for offering the most comprehensive inclusive fare arrangement in the luxury cruise line niche.


SeaDream Yacht Club presents a limited number of destinations that concentrate on the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. Travelers who want to see other parts of the world have to book a luxury cruise ship through another provider. SeaDream is also considered a bit pricey for the luxury cruise line niche.

Outstanding Features

Don’t let the 122-passenger capacity for both ships fool you into thinking SeaDream Yacht Club has designed small ships. Both ships provide guests with plenty of room to walk the decks and watch remote islands float by in peace and comfort. The high tech fitness center presents guests with open views of the ocean from one of four treadmills, an elliptical machine, and either of the two recumbent bicycles. Both SeaDream I and II have retractable marinas that create the ultimate yachting ambiance. Entertainment options include an ornate casino, stylish dinner theater, and popular piano bar. The Top of the Yacht Bar creates a romantic ambiance under the moonlit sky.

SeaDream Cruise

SeaDream Cruise












            • - 95 staff embers for 56 couples
            • - Perfect for honeymooners
            • - Ocean view suites


            • - Limited number of destinations
            • - Considered pricey