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Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises introduced its first luxury line ship in 1998 and has expanded it fleet over the past 15 years to five world-class ships that travel to ports located throughout the world. The ships range in capacity from 208 to 458 passengers, but the amenities and high level of customer service remains constant on all five ships. Seabourn Cruises has received numerous honors for providing quality, value, and service from the top travel publications and organizations in the industry. Travel & Leisure has named Seabourn Cruises as the World’s Best Small Ship Cruise line every year since 2009. Conde Nast Traveler readers have honored the luxury cruise line company with a similar award for four consecutive years. Guest reviews of Seabourn Cruises often mention the luxurious experience of traveling aboard one of the five ships, with an understated attitude conveyed by both ship workers and passengers.

Best Cruise Destinations

Seabourn Cruises travels to traditional port destination, such as San Juan, Puerto Rico and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The luxury cruise line company defines itself by providing guests with rare glimpses into the culture of obscure destinations in Arabia, Africa, and India. Passengers aboard Seabourn Cruises ships travel to exotic ports such as Doha Qatar, Durban, Cape Town South Africa, and Bombay, India. The best destinations for Seabourn Cruises provide a lifetime of memories from places that most people only read about in travel magazines.


With the introduction of Odyssey in 2009, Seabourn raised the bar in the luxury cruise market by offering passengers the highest ratio of space per guest in the entire cruise industry. The spacious cabins offer the finest amenities found on any cruise ship and guests find private verandas in ninety percent of the suites. Seabourn Cruises has earned a strong reputation for providing friendly guest services, from the impeccable service found in the dining venues to the helpful directions given by shipmates. The luxury cruise line attracts experienced, upper class passengers who understand cruise etiquette.


Seabourn Cruises receives some thumbs down from passengers by overbooking some of the entertainment venues that operate on each of the five ships. Some reviewers complain about a lack of different types of entertainment, as the luxury cruise line typically books acts that appeal to the older demographic. With the addition of newly constructed ships to the fleet expected over the next few years, Seabourn Cruises should appeal to a wider demographic and thus, have to expand its entertainment offerings.

Outstanding Features

Seabourn Cruises refers to all of the cabins as suites. Each suite comes with designer soaps and towels made with the finest materials. Flat screen telelvisons and Bose Wave audio systems provide a first-rate in-suite entertainment experience. Seabourn Cruises places complimentary bottles of champagne in each suite and offers complimentary cocktails that servers promptly refill. Guests who want to exercise have access to the fitness center and large swimming pool. Each of the five ships in the fleet offer a wide selection of cuisines prepared by chefs trained at the best culinary schools in the world.

Seabourn Cruise

Seabourn Cruise












            • - High cabin space to guest ratio
            • - Friendly guest service
            • - Private verandas


            • - Overbooking entertainment venues
            • - Limited entertainment options