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Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Do you want the option of going anywhere in the world? Royal Caribbean Cruises specializes in offering guests the widest range of ports among the cruise lines that compete in the major cruise line category. With six classes that comprise a fleet of 21 ships, Royal Caribbean Cruises possesses one of the most extensive ship inventories in all of the cruise line industry. Royal Caribbean Cruises is known for running several promotions simultaneously that adds immense value for passengers who book reservations for any of the 21 ships. The parent company provides the financial resources to develop online tools that make planning an excursion a breeze.

Best Cruise Destinations

The best destinations for Royal Caribbean Cruises are not to the traditional ports that you find in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Alaska. Royal Caribbean Crises specializes in taking passengers to exotic, far off places such as ports in Dubai and The Emirates, as well as to South Pacific ports that exude tropical paradise ambiances. The major cruise line receives accolades for creating eventful itineraries for guests who travel along the New England and Pacific Northwest coasts. Many of the stops along the American coastline feature fresh seafood endemic to each region.


Royal Caribbean Cruises appeals to families that operate on tight vacation budgets. The major cruise line offers several package deals that entice families to book lengthy trips. Royal Caribbean Cruises owns two private islands-Labadee and CocoCay- that feature several entertainment choices and tours that take passengers deep into the tropical paradise. Guest reviews praise the recently introduced new Quantum class of ships that feature innovative designs and additional dining venues. Royal Caribbean Cruises upgrades its fleet annually, with the 2014 upgrade focusing on making Oasis-class upgrades to non-Oasis class ships.


Royal Caribbean Cruises is not for couples celebrating honeymoons or wedding anniversaries. The abundance of young children makes it difficult to enjoy quiet, romantic evenings inside of the cabins. Some reviewers lament the cleanliness of the ship, especially after returning from port of calls. First time and senior cruisers may find better cruising alternatives in the major cruise line market.

Outstanding Features

DreamWorks Animation presents memorable movies from the company that feature popular characters such as Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda. Royal Caribbean Cruises provides children with several memorabilia to commemorate each movie. The Windjammer Café present in all of the ships serves very popular breakfast and lunch buffets. Some of the ships include the Asian-themed section called Jade, while other ships offer at least one dining alternative to buffet food. The Italian-themed Portofino provides the alternative dining option on most of the ships. Active is the best word to describe the events conducted both on and off the ships. Every Royal Caribbean Cruises ship includes a rock-climbing wall that prepares passengers for scaling tall heights on cliffs that overlook open bodies of water. Some of the larger ships have mini-golf courses that include natural grass. Adults can unwind on the Freedom, Voyager, and Radiance class ships in the luxurious Solarium Spa.

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise












            • - Exotic ports
            • - Two private islands
            • - Leading tropical destination cruise line


            • - Loud
            • - Not for Couples
            • - Lack of cleanliness