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ResidenSea Cruises

ResidenSea Cruises

What happens when you combine the luxury of an upscale condominium with a cruise line that travels the world? The answer is the only floating residence at sea, hence the name of the popular cruise line ResidenSea. Passengers book luxurious, spacious residences onboard a vast ship that hits myriad ports throughout the year. You can stay onboard as long as you want by signing a unique contract that states your intent to live on a luxury liner that provides more than enough amenities to help you forget the hustle and bustle of the life left behind you.

Best Cruise Destinations

ResidenSea Cruises books the luxurious condominiums for yearlong cruises that travel through several bodies of water throughout the world. The 2014 journey has taken residents of the luxury liner from Madeira to the Canary Islands, with passage through the historically significant Panama Canal. Passengers onboard the home at sea cruise ship visited islands in the South Pacific, before heading to South America to explore remote regions of the world seen by very few people. ResidenSea is the only large ship cruise line that navigates through the rugged Northwest Passage. The itinerary for 2015 includes extended time traversing the Mediterranean Sea and the exotic lands of Southeast Asia.


Travelers onboard the only residence at sea enjoy many of the same amenities found in high-rise condominiums that overlook Central Park in New York. The ship boasts one of the lowest crew to passenger ratios in the industry, which ensures you receive the level of personalized service that exceeds typical cruise industry standards. Residents enjoy multiple dining venues and entertainment options that make it difficult to leave the ship. ResidenSea keeps passengers busy by offering a wide number of onboard activities that include yoga classes, culinary lessons, and lecture given by experts of specific regions of the world. Because of the yearlong itinerary, stops at port destinations last several days, which provides guests with enough time to immerse themselves in local cultures.


Because of the time commitment, ResidenSea is mostly for retirees and professionals who have the ability to work remotely. Some passengers book reservations to take a break from their professional lives. The option of booking one itinerary per year limits the destinations reached by the ship. For example, you may want to see northern Europe, but the ship does not schedule the region on an upcoming yearlong itinerary.

Outstanding Features

A world-class spa allows guests to unwind after a long day exploring the sights and sounds found onshore. Nutritionists consult with passengers who sign up for classes that help them transition to a healthier and environmentally sustainable diet. The spa includes a large fitness center and dance studio. ResidenSea Cruises offers in depth lectures that educate residents about the history and culture of pending itinerary destinations. The cruise line offers several different tour options for each destination reached by its ship.

ResidenSea Cruise

ResidenSea Cruise












            • - Luxurious condominiums
            • - Low crew to passenger ratio
            • - Numerous onboard activities


            • - Cruises require long time commitment
            • - Limited number of popular itineraries