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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises

Princess started as a niche cruise line that filled the void left by the company’s larger competitors. However, Princess has morphed into one of the largest cruise lines in the world. The small company that ran a small luxury liner between Los Angeles and the Mexican Riviera now operates 16 cruise ships throughout the world. Princess coordinates about 100 cruise itineraries simultaneously that visit just under 300 ports daily. The 16 Princess cruise ships fall under one of five classes.
• Coral
• Explorer
• Grand
• Royal
• Sun

Best Cruise Destinations

The breadth of Prince Cruise Line’s itineraries means travelers have the option of visiting every noteworthy port in the world. Prince specializes in porting in some of the most exotic locations, such as South American coastal cities and South Pacific Islands. Feedback from Princess Cruise Line customers indicates the Mexico Riviera cruise remains one of the most popular porting destinations in the company’s portfolio. Princess also takes travelers into remote ports located alongside the Alaskan seaboard, with breathtaking views awaiting awestruck passengers.


Critic and guest reviews praise the multiple dining options provided by each of the five classes representing Princess. Travelers can opt for a quick snack before porting or enjoy multi-course meals in an upscale ambiance. Contemporary décor highlights the design of the dining and entertainment venues on every Princess Cruise Line ship. Each ship includes a social hub that offers multi-faceted entertainment options for onboard guests. Most of the ships in the Princess Cruise Line fleet possess an above average ratio of cabins that include stylish verandas.


Many Princess Cruise Line customers complain about tight cabin and balcony spaces, especially on the less expensive fleets, such as the ships that operate in the Coral and Explorer classes. Service also takes a hit on many online reviews and cruise line critic websites. The service issues typically concern room cleanliness and customer service personnel who handle room maintenance logistics. Some customers decry the value they get for spending money on Royal class cruises.

Outstanding Features

Princess Cruise Lines is known for its innovative feature, Movies under the Stars (MUTS). The entertainment feature attracts standing room only crowds on each of its fleet of cruise ships. As another Princess feature innovation that receives high praise, the Piazza follows the traditional Italian model of residents gathering in a central location for festive events. Princess has expanded the Piazza on newer ships and retrofitted the popular concept on older ships. Most of the Piazzas include the International Café, a 24-hour per day dining venue that offers a wide variety of ethnic cuisines.

Princess cruise ships include large fitness facilities to keep passengers active while at sea. Entertainment options cover the range of cruise choices, including casinos, nightclubs, discos, and MUTS. Princes Cruise Lines is the only cruise line that features the “Bon Voyage Experience. This novel allows passenger guests to spend about four hours on board, before the ship embarks on its itinerary.

Princess Cruises receives accolades from critics for mixing tradition cruise amenities with innovations that other cruise lines have yet to imitate.

Princess Cruise

Princess Cruise












            • - Extensive list of world destinations
            • - Contemporary décor
            • - Wide range of cuisines for dining
            • - Stylish verandas


            • - Tight cabin and balcony spaces
            • - Unresponsive guest service
            • - Lower than average value