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Paul Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Paul Gauguin Cruises operate two ornate ships in the premium line class of cruise ships. Paul Gauguin and Tere Moana operate in different parts of the world, which gives guests clear options on which ship to visit their preferred tourist attractions. With over 25 years of experience operating in the French Polynesian tourism market, parent company Pacific Beachcomber provides Paul Gauguin Cruises with the infrastructure and expertise to take control of the premium cruise line market. Travel Weekly awarded Paul Gauguin its prestigious “Gold Magellan Award in early 2014 for its delivering value to guests who travel thousands of miles to places such as Tahiti.

Best Cruise Destinations

The best cruise destinations offered by Paul Gauguin Cruises take passengers to remote locations in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Travellers who want a taste of the exotic life can visits Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Moorea to experience the native custom that Herman Melville aptly describes in his seminal novels. Paul Gauguin Cruises specializes in taking guests to remote corners of the Earth for experiences that stay with them for a lifetime. Paul Gauguin Cruises designed the flagship Paul Gauguin to navigate the shallow waters that surround South Pacific Islands.


Paul Gauguin has established itself as the most popular cruise line for romantic excursions. The soft colors and textures found inside the cabins promote unmatched warmth in cruise ship ambiance. Paul Gauguin Cruises is a popular cruise line for honeymooners. While most other cruise lines encourage an active itinerary, Paul Gauguin slows down the pace to allow lovers to enjoy intimate privacy. The scintillating shore excursions take guests to places very few people have seen. Paul Gauguin Cruises packages offer all-inclusive charges for food, drinks, and water sports. Only a few other cruise lines offer the same all-inclusive pricing.


The Tere Moana divides its time cruising between Europe and Central America. However, the ship only travels to Europe during the summer and to Central America during the winter. Passengers who want to visit festive Central America port destinations during the summer are out of luck. The emphasis on creating a romantic ambiance may turn off some travelers who simply want to book a cruise on the Paul Gauguin to absorb the South Pacific culture.

Outstanding Features

The two ships feature ocean view cabins that provide a space to passenger ration of 58 to 1. Paul Gauguin has constructed balconies on over 70 percent of the ocean view cabins. Three restaurants run by world-renowned chefs provide guests with authentic cuisine that matches their cruise itineraries. For example, the Paul Gauguin is home to L’Etoile, a restaurant on the flagship that creates delicious French Polynesian cuisine. Both ships include a water sports marina fully stocked with windsurfers, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. Both ships offer specials that save guests money on cruise packages and optional amenities. After undergoing extensive remodeling in 2012, the Paul Gauguin now displays numerous Polynesian artifacts to enhance the paradise theme aboard the ship.

Paul Gauguin Cruise

Paul Gauguin Cruise












            • - Romantic cruises
            • - Decorative cabin interiors
            • - Active itineraries
            • - All-inclusive pricing


            • - Not family friendly
            • - Limited itinerary options