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Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises

Three luxury cruise industry veterans created the premium cruise line niche to offer passengers supreme comfort, service, and value. Frank Del Rio, Joe Watters, and Bob Binder positioned Oceania Cruises as the ultimate cruise option for luxury cruise line guests that want a more refined and elegant experience. Five mid-size ships represent the fleet offered by Oceania Cruises, with each ship traversing to remote locations that few other cruise lines reach. The leading premium cruise line company reaches more than 330 ports worldwide, providing passengers with diverse onshore tourism options that include Cabo San Lucas, Halifax, and Istanbul. Oceania Cruises has earned the reputation for taking guests on journeys that they remember for the rest of their lives. Travelers who discern the quality differences offered by luxury and premium cruise lines comprise the bulk of Oceania Cruises demographics.

Best Cruise Destinations

Oceania Cruises offers passengers five mid-size ships from their premium line fleet: Insignia, Marina, Nautica, Regatta, and Riviera. The itineraries created by the premium cruise line depend on the month of the year. For example, South Pacific ports are very popular destinations during January, especially for snow weary passengers from North America and Europe. Conversely, Alaska, Canadian, and New England ports receive a huge bump in Oceania Cruises business during the southern months in North America. Exotic Bangkok and bustling Hong Kong represent two of the best destinations for passengers who have never experienced far eastern culture.


The unmatched level of service on each of the five ships results from the staffing of two Oceania Cruise members for every three guests. With the largest ship holding near 1,200 passengers, nearly 800 employees exceed service expectations. No other cruise line in any niche pays places so much emphasis on personalized service. Oceania Cruises promotes its premium line for destination-focused travelers who want to spend more time in ports of call than reclining in beach chairs. Although Oceania Cruises serves the premium cruise line niche, each ship only requires a casual country club dress code. Other premium and a vast majority of luxury cruise lines expect formal attire worn in the upscale dining rooms.


Relatively small cabin sizes prevent large families from booking the same rooms on each of the five Oceania Cruises ships. The small interior housing turns away some families that prefer to stay within the same rooms. Oceania Cruises does not discourage children from traveling with the premium cruise line, but the company does not implement children’s programs to keep youngsters occupied during long treks to remote islands. The only game room activities for children come in the form of customary table tennis, shuffleboard, and Monopoly.

Outstanding Features

Open seating and a wide variety of dining venues create culinary bliss for hungry passengers who want to eat during off-peak restaurant hours. The Regatta, Insignia, and Nautica offer four restaurant options that include specialty venues such as The Polo Grill for steaks, Toscana for Italian, and Tapas on the Terrace. Each ship in the Oceania Cruises fleet runs at least one comprehensive buffet. The Riviera and Marina appeal to culinarians who enjoy experimental cuisine prepared by apprentices of renowned chefs. Canyon Ranch, which is the famous American destination spa company, operates all of the high-end spas on the ships. Oceania Cruises builds fitness centers on every ship that include Yoga and Pilates classes. Ship casinos are relatively small, but plenty of slot machines keep passengers busy for hours.

Oceania Cruise

Oceania Cruise












            • - Two crew members for every three guests
            • - Destination focused traveling
            • - Casual country club dress code


            • - Small cabin sizes
            • - Not family friendly