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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises

With 12 ships departing from the most popular ports in the world, MSC Cruises positions itself as one of the leading value-driven cruise lines in the entire industry. Considered a cruise company that operates in the major cruise line category, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida company offers some upscale amenities that passengers can find on luxury and premium cruise ships. MSC Cruises blends live entertainment with thrilling onshore explorations to provide guests with the perfect balance between onboard and port of call activities.

Best Cruise Destinations

The saturated Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise market makes it difficult for a cruise line to stand out in terms of service and amenities. However, MSC Cruises does more than just stand out because of its excellent service and luxury ship like amenities. The major cruise line hit some of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions. Mediterranean cruise passengers explore the ancient mysteries of Alexandria and vast beauty that attracts lovers to Athens. Caribbean cruises take sun worshippers to white sand beaches that encircle the islands of Tortola, Martinique, Jamaica, and Barbados. The best destinations for MSC Cruises include extensive layovers at some of most popular port of calls.


MSC Cruises promotes an old world Italian ambiance that attracts European travelers for its Mediterranean cruises. Because of the ethnic diversity, MSC Cruises caters to its international passenger base by reading ship announcements in Italian, Spanish, French, German, and English. The major cruise line offers a ship that sails year-round from Miami to ports located along the Caribbean peninsula. MSC Cruises constantly refurbishes older ships and introduces new ships, such as the large Preziosa that made its cruising debut during 2013. Passengers who enjoy a more traditional cruise schedule give MSC cruises two thumbs up for reliability. Set meal and entertainment times allow guests to plan their onboard events. Experienced crew members add expertise for passengers who leave the ship to explore onshore destinations


MSC Cruises does a few things well, but the limited list of itineraries turns people away who want to visit Asian and African destinations. The cruise line also does not spend much time at American or Canadian ports. Some reviewers lament the cleanliness of the ships, especially on voyages that last more than seven days. The limited dining options also take a hit in online guest reviews.

Outstanding Features

MSC Cruises offers a wide range of entertainment choices that appeal to guests of all ages. Evening adult entertainment options include up tempo dance music and classical concerts. Jazz concerts frequent the main stage, as does the wildly popular aerobatic show that mimics Cirque du Soleil. Passengers enjoy spacious cabins that produce strong ventilation to ensure fresh, invigorating air. Value remains the best feature of booking reservations on an MSC Cruises ship. Cheap cruise fares coupled with unprecedented amenities offered by a major cruise line make MSC Cruises perhaps the best value in the entire cruise line industry.

MSC Cruise

MSC Cruise












            • - Unique Mediterranean cruises
            • - Diverse guest base
            • - Organized meal and entertainment schedules


            • - Limited itineraries
            • - Lack of cleanliness on longer voyages
            • - Limited dining options