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Holland America Cruises

Holland America Cruises

As an entrenched company operating in the premium cruise niche, Holland America Cruises offers guests a wide variety of entertainment options onboard and on fun-packed port destination expeditions that provide an in depth introduction into exotic cultures. Holland American operates 15 large ships that offer luxurious amenities that extend well beyond the quality of the amenities offered by ships that operate in the luxury cruise niche. Don’t let the name mislead you. Holland American Cruises creates itineraries that at least skirt each of the seven continents that grace the world map.

Best Cruise Destinations

Holland America Cruises offers its wildly popular Grand Voyages cruise packages that take passengers to rarely visited ports along several different coastlines. The best cruise destinations for Holland America Cruises make round trip sojourns from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the some of the most exotic ports located in southeast Asia and eastern South America. Grand Voyages allow guests to travel all over the world, without having to book one airline reservation. Holland America Cruises also specializes in traversing the Arabian and African coastlines.


Readers of Conde Nast Traveler rate Holland America Cruise Line as one of the best cruise lines for affluent passengers. In addition to the most lavish cabins and amenities found on any other cruise line ship, Holland America Cruises ensures no passenger becomes bored with ship itineraries. The premium cruise line has earned the reputation of offering a wide selection of onboard entertainment activities to pass the time it takes to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Fine dining venues staffed by culinary professionals ensure guest enjoy the local influences that drive ethnic cuisines. Outstanding guest service remains the heart of the operations at Holland Cruise Line. The premium cruise line recruits highly intuitive team members who anticipate guest needs.


Many reviewers lament the mid-size cabins that limit the amount of guests occupying each room. Large families may have to split up among adjoining rooms. Holland America Cruises sits at the high end of cruise package costs. While the company includes several upscale amenities, taking a cruise to far east and African destinations take a large chunk out of a guest’s vacation budget. The premium cruise line is more known as a special event cruise option, rather than a vacation cruise option.

Outstanding Features

Holland America Cruises offers a unique program called the Culinary Council. The program employs the services of world renowned chefs to organize and discuss all aspects of guest culinary experiences. From cooking classes to live demonstrations, the chefs enrich the knowledge of guests interested in enhancing their culinary skills. Passengers enjoy several top-notch entertainment options, including Dancing with the Starts: At Sea. The wildly popular telelvison show quickly sells out on every cruise. Guests unwind in the lavish spas that include fitness centers, steam rooms, and on site nutrition experts. Holland America Cruises presents an extensive art collection on each ship. Cruise art experts lead guests on tours of the art collections that feature pieces endemic to each cruise destination. Guests also take self-directed walking tours to absorb the eclectic array of art that graces each ship.

Holland America Cruise

Holland America Cruise












            • - Unique itineraries
            • - Outstanding guest service
            • - Wide range of entertainment options


            • - Mid-size cabins
            • - Known as a special event cruise line