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First Time Cruisers

Refreshing cool sea breezes and invigorating salty air dominate your thought process the moment you decide to book a cruise. Yet, you have a long journey ahead of you just to organize your cruise and ensure you enjoy lifelong memories. The idea of booking a cruise reservation is intimidating for many first time cruisers, but planning the trip seems virtually impossible. You can make your cruise pleasurable by avoiding the common mistakes made by first time cruisers.

Don’t Select the Wrong Cruise Line

Every cruise line falls within a certain category. You have major, luxury, premium, niche, and small ship cruise lines. Write down what you want out of a cruise line and then start searching for cruise lines within the appropriate category. For example, if you’re planning a honeymoon cruise, don’t search for cruise lines that operate in the small ship category. You want a premium or luxury cruise line that presents romantic ambiances.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Itinerary

Choosing the right itinerary is much more than finding the destinations that interest you the most. After all, it is not difficult to find the best itinerary for someone who loves basking under the tropical sun. You need to decide whether you want to spend more time onboard the cruise ship or onshore exploring the remote wilderness. Do you want to travel long distances at sea or make short jaunts among ports located close together? You also have to factor cost into choosing the right itinerary, as longer cruises that hit myriad ports typically cost more to book.

Not All Cabins are the Same

One of the most common mistakes made by first time cruisers is the wrong assumption that cruise lines design the same type of cabins. In fact, cruise cabins vary by size, décor, number of amentities, and guest services. How much time do you plan to spend in the cabin? If you plan to treat your cruise cabin like a hotel room in Las Vegas, then you don’t need the most stylish and comfortable place to turn in for the day. Passengers who are susceptible to seasickness and expect to travel over rough waters should consider finding a cabin located on a low deck mid-ship.

Planning the Cruise on Your Own

Newcomers mitigate or even eliminate the common mistakes made by first time cruisers when they turn to travel agents for help. Find a travel agent who specializes in booking cruises to help you select the cruise line, cruise itinerary, and cabin. Travel agents also provide invaluable insight into securing visas and passports, as well as describing the unique customs of each port on your itinerary. Moreover, travel agents have the resources and connections to secure you the most favorable cruise rates.

Early Bird Gets the Cruise Worm

The worst of the common mistakes made by first time cruisers is arriving to an empty ship dock. Many newcomers wait until the day of their cruisers to fly or drive to their ship’s location. Newcomers should arrive at least one day in advance to their ship’s location to ensure they don’t make the greatest cruise mistake of all. The worst thing that can happen to you for arriving a day early is that you have time to explore the surrounding area.