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Disney Cruises

Disney Cruises

As a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, Disney Cruise Line provides many of the entertainment benefits that vacationers see whenever they visit one of the iconic Disney theme parks. Walt Disney inspired enchantment overflows on each of the four niche line ships that Disney charters to reach ports located along the California coast, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and Europe. The names of the four ships-Dream, Fantasy, Magic, and Wonder-perfectly capture the awestruck look on the faces of children as they meet their favorite Disney characters. Disney Cruise Line offers spectacular entertainment, mouth-watering cuisine, and comfortable amenities that make passengers forget about the stress prevalent in their personal and professional.

Best Cruise Destinations

Disney Cruise Line specializes in taking passengers to ports located within a reasonable distance of the United States. The only exceptions to the distance rule are the ships that take guests along some of the most pristine coastlines of northern Europe. The best cruise destinations for Disney Cruise Line passengers include Caribbean sojourns that navigate through the historically significant Panama Canal. Disney Cruise Line also receives strong demand for cruise packages that traverse the California coast, especially the cruises that port near some of the most popular wineries in the world.


The breadth of the entertainment offered by Disney Cruise Line extends well beyond the standard Disney shows and characters. Broadway-caliber shows appeal to adults, while contemporary theaters keep kids engaged by showing Disney movies. Deck parties for the entire family include brilliant fireworks displays that illuminate the night sky. Families enjoy world-class pools that allow kids to enjoy splash zones and waterslides. Every Disney Cruise Line ship includes a sports deck that present panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. Disney Cruise Line also receives accolades from passengers for offering an eclectic selection of dining options, ranging from quick-service venues to elegant upscale dining rooms that cater to parents. Kids clubs keep children within designated age ranges active throughout each cruise.


The only weakness mentioned by some online reviewers is the crowded conditions on some of the ship decks. Pools and other entertainment venues overflow with passengers. We are not sure if this is due to overbooking or a lack of timely scheduling of events.

Outstanding Features

Disney Cruise Line builds each cabin to accommodate large families. One of the unique features offered on a Disney Cruise Line ship awaits passengers who visit many of the Caribbean ports. Castaway Cay is a Disney Company private island paradise that provides myriad complimentary amenities. Guests enjoy a buffet style lunch and all-you-can-eat ice cream. The white sand beaches include areas for adults only. Disney supplies the beach chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, and towels. Island entertainment gives guests a glimpse of Caribbean culture and hiking trails take eager passengers deep within the bucolic island wilderness. Disney has added a water park on the Dream and Fantasy ships called the AquaDuck. The first ever cruise ship water park sits near the top of each ship and features an acrylic tube that one point, moves nearly 15 feet off the side of the ship.

Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise












            • - Wide range of entertainment options
            • - Disney characters
            • - Family Friendly


            • - Crowded ships
            • - Loud