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Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruises

With three large, ornate luxury cruise ships, Cunard Cruise Lines offers a comprehensive list of cruise itineraries that span the breadth of the entire globe. From traveling to remote islands in the South Pacific to navigating through the clutches of glaciers near northern Europe, Cunard has earned the reputation for providing upscale service and amenities to a wide range of guests. The Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, and Queen Mary 2 all have the capability of performing full world cruises that touch the major ports of the world.

Best Cruise Destinations

Cunard Cruise Line introduced transatlantic cruises for tourists who want to travel from the northern and southern hemispheres to European destinations. The popular cruises allow guests to unwind during the transatlantic part of their vacations and reinvigorate their bodies for the rapid fire port stops that ensue during the remainder of their cruises. Cunard also specializes in popular exotic cruise packages that take passengers to remote South Pacific islands and South American tropical paradises such as Rio De Janeiro. Stunningly beautiful islands and ancient relics from long lost civilizations highlight the best destinations for Cunard Cruise Line.


Cruisers in search of a highly organized cruise company should look no further than Cunard Cruise Line. An overwhelming number of industry expert and guest reviews praise the luxury cruise line for finding the right balance between itinerary organization and providing guests with the flexibility to change their minds at the last minute. As a luxury cruise line, Cunard ensures every guest receives the pampering he or she wants, without going overboard with the lavish amenities. Service invariably rates high in guest reviews, especially among the ship’s hospitality team. Cunard promotes an ambiance that reflects the high-energy atmosphere of the “Golden Era,” which includes entertainment options such as ballroom dancing and burlesque shows.


Although Cunard Cruise Line appeals to a large swath of guest demographics, the luxury cruise line does not attract families to book reservations. The three ships lack sufficient cabin space to house large families, as well as not provide children’s programs that keep kids busy enough to give parents a respite from their frenetic cruise schedules. Cunard Cruise Line may not be a viable option for cruisers who cannot withstand long open-water journeys. In addition to lengthy transatlantic trips, Cunard also operates cruises that travel great distances between North America and Asian port of calls.

Outstanding Features

Guests benefit from the online vacation planner that allows them to plot out their itineraries long before they depart for their cruise vacations. Onboard concierges provide useful tips on how to best tour port destinations. The unique dining program assigns guests to dining rooms based on the type and location of their cabins. Passengers enjoy advanced technology features such as interactive television and data port outlets that connect multiple electronic devices. Cunard Cruise Line provides bathrobes and slippers in each stateroom, as well as ensures every guest receives 24-hour room service. Cunard includes all of the onboard meals with each of cruise packages for guests who choose to dine in the main restaurant or self-service buffet.

Cunard Cruise

Cunard Cruise












            • - Transatlantic cruises
            • - Highly organized crew
            • - Outstanding guest service
            • - "Golden Era" ambiance


            • - Not family friendly
            • - Long open-water journeys