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Cruise Tips

Despite the onslaught of negative cruise coverage over the past couple of years, there is no doubt that cruise lines represent one of the most popular ways for people to unwind and get away from the headaches at work and home. However, you can enhance your cruise experiences by following eight simple cruise tips.

Arrive Early and…Party!

Thousands of passengers miss their cruises each year because of horrible weather, unexpected traffic jams, and delayed. What’s the worst that can happen if you arrive the day before your cruise? Eliminate the stress of trying to reach your cruise on time by getting a head start on your vacation.

Why Do Guests Flock to the Pool?

Cruise pools seem to possess strong magnets that attract every guest on board your ship. Avoid the pool at all costs for several reasons. Crowded pools often create unsanitary conditions. Cruise ships only stock a small percentage of the chairs required to seat the hordes that want to sun bathe and cool off in the pool.

Eat What and When You Want

Avoid cruises that restrict when and what you eat. Many cruise lines encourage group reservations to maximize seating capacity. If you like making small talk with strangers, then by all means, join a group for dinner. Otherwise, eat when you want, with whom you want. Moreover, stay away from ship buffets and dine a la carte in one of the full service restaurants.

Port of Calls Mean Quiet Time

Savvy cruise line passengers shun one or more of the port destinations on their itineraries. Even the heartiest tourist succumbs to six-hour bumpy bus rides to the remotest part of a deserted island. Stay onboard during one or more port visits and see what it’s like to have the ship virtually to yourself. Most ships continue to operate at full throttle, which means you’ll have all easy access to the ship’s amenities.

The Best Place to Relax

Cruise ships can create more stress than the stress that follows you onto the ship. The best way to alleviate stress and relax without being disturbed is to get extensive spa time. Many cruise lines have more than one spa to accommodate the strong demand for massages, steam rooms, and therapy pools. The ship spa is an excellent option for relaxing, while the rest of your cruise mates visit one of the ports on the itinerary.

Don’t Get Lost in All that Motion

Motion sickness can destroy a well-planned and costly cruise. Even if you don’t get sick from the swaying of the boat, you should still take precautionary measures before your cruise to avoid losing more than just your cruise payment. Visit your doctor before departure for remedies, such as patches and Dramamine.

Cruise ship veterans understand some of the tips that improve their cruise experiences are given. Confirm airline and cruise ship reservations 24 hours before departure. Notify the medical staff of special medical conditions or dietary requests at least 60 days before the big trip. Finally, make sure you have the proper identification to enter every port of call.