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Cruise News

The cruise industry is constantly evolving, as technology improves and cruise lines find new ways to enhance customer service. Rapidly changing guest demands and engineering breakthroughs prompt major print and online publications to cover the dynamic cruise industry.

Here is the latest cruise news:

Royal Caribbean Debuts New Ship

On November 10, US News & World Report ran a story about the most anticipated new ship of 2014. Royal Caribbean added Quantum of the Seas to its fleet of luxurious cruise liners. Arriving in New York, the 16-deck, 213-foot high ship passed under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge located in Hudson Bay, with merely 12 feet of room to spare. Weighing an incredible 169,000 tons, Quantum of the Seas is the third largest cruise ship ever constructed. The ship features the proprietary top deck “Ride in the Sky” and a bar staffed by robot bartenders. Royal Caribbean touts the mega ship as the most technologically advanced cruiser that provides passengers with an all-digital check-in process.

Is Florida a Has Been?

The Miami Herald ran a story late summer that questioned the importance of Florida as a home port for major cruise lines. Even though cruise Florida passenger revenue is expected to double between now and 2026, some industry analysts believe Caribbean ports may eventually overtake Florida as the most popular locations for building home ports. The reasons for the transition to more Caribbean home ports include lower taxes and better financial incentives. A 29-page report issued recently claimed the growth in international destinations may help Florida expand its home port base, but the report also warns that the Florida’s perch on top of the cruise industry home port list remains precarious. To counter the rising popularity of Caribbean home ports, agencies such as PortMiami have invested billions of dollars upgrading facilities to accommodate larger ships.

Controversy Involving World Renowned Cruise Destination

Venice remains on of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. Romantic vistas and classic European architecture attracts passengers who travel from the United States, Europe, and the Far East. However, a recent controversy threatens to mar Venice’ strong hold on cruise passenger interest. Online publication Travel recently ran a story that discussed the recent ban that Venice placed on large cruise ships. Work has started on an alternative canal route that can handle large ships, but many cruise industry experts feel Venice leaders are dragging their feet. Cruise industry veterans who attended a Florida conference this week urged Venice officials to step up construction of the wider canal. In the interim, cruise lines that operate large ships have eliminated the Venice stop from their itineraries.