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Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises

Based in Genoa, Italy and operated by Carnival Corporation, Costa Cruises operates a fleet of 17 ships that take passengers to ports located throughout the world. Passengers book cruises to enjoy affordable vacations that still offer many of the amenities enjoyed by guests who sail on ships that are more luxurious. The Costa Cruises fleet operates under the slogan, “Cruising Italian Style,” which gives the cruise line a foothold on many of the most popular Mediterranean ports that attract other cruise lines. Since the late 1990s, Costa Cruises has implemented a comprehensive program to overhaul the infrastructure on its fleet of aging ships, as well as replace obsolete ships with modern ships that include the latest communications technology. Passengers have overwhelmingly praised Costa for the ambitious refurbishment program.

Best Cruise Destinations

Costa Cruises specializes in taking passengers on Itineraries to both eastern and western Mediterranean ports. Passengers who book cruises for eastern Mediterranean itineraries can expect to spend time in historical place such as Ashdod, Israel, Bari, Italy, and Corfu, Greece. The best western Mediterranean destinations include Barcelona, Spain, Malaga, Spain, and the renowned resort city of Casablanca, Morocco. Costa offers passengers access to some of the most scenic vistas in the world by creating itineraries that go deep into the Norwegian Fjords. The Italian Cruise line offers a wide variety of Mediterranean cruise packages that range in length from 7 to 14 days.


Costa’s commitment to building new ships extends to the unveiling of the 2014 Diadema. One of the company’s main strengths is the establishment of a lengthy history of serving the European market. Costa cruises appeals to a wide demographic range, from recent college graduates cruising for the first time to retire cruise veterans who offer less experienced passengers bountiful information on port destination. The highly social ambiance attracts families that want to enjoy the vibrant Italian inspired entertainment. Children participate in the program called Squok Club, which gives parents some time to spend alone during the day. Costa Cruises receives widespread online praise for its Samsara Spa, considered by many cruise experts as one of the best spas in the cruise line industry.


“Cruising Italian Style” brings much of the rich Italian traditions to forefront, including a liberal smoking policy. Even though Costs Cruises recently initiated a no smoking policy in the dining rooms, smoking remains prevalent in several designated areas throughout each ship in the fleet. The major cruise line historically recruited Italians to help operate the ship, but now the employees come from areas in North America and East Asia. Many reviews claim Costa Cruises has lost its Italian cultural identity. Guest service also takes a hit in online reviews, especially with onboard guest relations personnel that reviewers call “inattentive” and “unresponsive.”

Outstanding Features

Passengers can spend seven days aboard a Costs Cruise ship and never try the same cuisine twice. Costa Cruises prides itself on offering a wide variety of ethnically inspired menus that include dishes originating from half a world away. However, the kitchens onboard each ship reflect continental European and Mediterranean themes. Mediterranean dishes created by chefs from the region provide passengers with healthy alternatives to standard cruise fare.

Costa Cruise

Costa Cruise












            • - Strong history of serving European market
            • - New ships
            • - Wide selection of entertainment options


            • - Liberal smoking policy
            • - Inattentive guest service