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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Voted “Best Premium Cruise Line” six years in a row by the readers of Travel Weekly, Celebrity Cruise Lines continues to raise the bar of providing premium cruise services and amenities. Eleven ornate ships comprise four cruise classes that give guests a wide variety of options to match their vacation needs. Celebrity Cruises spends millions of dollars refurbishing older ships to ensure guests travel in style. Some of the demographics that flock to Celebrity Cruises include baby boomers, honeymooners, and retirees. The leader in the cruise line industry blends innovative and classic art to create a vibrant ambiance that carries over from the spacious suites to the dining rooms and entertainment halls.

Best Cruise Destinations

Celebrity Cruises takes passengers to popular destinations in the Caribbean, South America, and Asia. The best destinations offered by the premium luxury cruise line travel to destinations not on any other cruise line itinerary. Guests enjoy rare glimpses of the iconic Galapagos Islands, the string of islands that Charles Darwin used for research. Celebrity Cruises also navigates through the historically significant Panama Canal. Passengers on the Transatlantic and Transpacific cruises benefit from a comprehensive journey to myriad ports located in both oceans.


Passengers who book cruises with Celebrity Cruises enjoy personalized service that has earned the premium cruise line multiple awards. With a ratio of one staff member for every two guests, you can expect attentive, yet unobtrusive service that includes cruise employees greeting you by name. Celebrity Cruises employs a Destination Concierge on every ship to ensure passengers maximize the benefits of traveling to one of the ports on a cruise itinerary. The Destination Concierge has extensive knowledge of the ports of call, as well as the capability to book dinner reservations and procure hard to buy tickets for entertainment venues. Celebrity Cruises offers European butler service, which allows passengers to remain in their rooms for breakfast service. The butler handles laundry needs and special requests made by the guests. Celebrity Cruises has carved out a niche for hosting class reunions.


You can scour online reviews for celebrity Cruises and not find an unkind word written about the premium cruise line. The few negative reviews performed by guests consistently mention the high price of booking cruises with Celebrity. However, the mention of the high price of a cruise ticket rarely mentions diminished value.

Outstanding Features

Celebrity Cruises runs the Celebrity Select flexible dining program, which allows passengers to reserve dinner reservations online before they depart on cruises or once they board one of the premium luxury ships. Canyon Ranch Spa provides guests with a quiet place to unwind and rejuvenate both the body and soul. The spa includes a world-class fitness center and certified nutritionists that help passengers wean themselves from unhealthy diets. Every standard suite contains televisions that play closed-circuit movies and interactive features engineered by Sony. The suites also have minibars, direct dial telephones, and convertible twin/queen sized beds. Celebrity Cruises operates several membership programs that reward guests for taking multiple cruses with the premium cruise line.

Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity Cruise












            • - Personalized guest service
            • - Destination concierge
            • - Great cruise line to host class reunions


            • - One of the costliest cruise lines