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Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

One of the biggest complaints cruise passengers have with cruise lines is that they often feel more worn out after taking a cruise than they did before they embarked on their journeys. This is due to many cruise lines trying to pack as many activities into itineraries as possible. The hectic schedule results in harried guests who rather stay in their cabins than hit another port of call. Azamara Club Cruises specializes in multi-day onshore destinations that allow passengers to relax, instead of rushing around to attend every scheduled event. The premium cruise line operates two mid-size ships that travel to port of calls located throughout the world.

Best Cruise Destinations

Guests who want to experience the culture from Down Under benefit from one of Azamara Club Cruises best destinations. The itinerary that includes multiple stops in Australia and New Zealand features stays at renowned hotels and luxury resorts. Passengers fully immerse themselves in the iconic spirit of hospitality provided by Australians, while marveling at the infrequently visited natural wonders that define New Zealand. Azamara Club Cruises also specializes in traveling to remote ports located along the Black Sea and West Indies.


In addition to offering low-key itineraries, Azamara Club Cruises possesses several other strengths that attract passengers from a wide range of demographics. The premium cruise line includes numerous amenities in its cruise packages, such as wine with dinner and consultations with onboard concierges that provide helpful tips on how to best experience varied destinations. Unlike other premium cruise lines that operate large fleets, Azamara Club Cruises operates two mid-size ships that make it conducive for the staff to provide personalized service. With a ship capacity of only 700 guests, you never feel that the ship is overcrowded, nor do you feel lost wandering a vast interior. Azamara Club Cruises creates itineraries that produce short stints on the water and long stays onshore


Owning only two ships in a fleet limits when guests can book reservations for Azamara Club Cruises. The small fleet requires passengers to book reservations up to a year in advance of a cruise, especially for the popular Australian/New Zealand cruises that run infrequently from the United States. Some online reviews write about the high cost of booking with Azamara Club Cruises, although the reviews rarely mention issues with value.

Outstanding Features

Azamara Club Cruises implements a unique entertainment feature called It’s Azamazing. The entertainment feature includes a free onshore excursion that passengers take to enjoy a special event. Each ship offers guests four dining options that include a steakhouse and the restaurant Aqualina, a Mediterranean inspired dining venue that caters to discerning palates. Windows Café gives guests an upscale buffet dining option that includes freshly prepared sushi and other seafood. Azamara Club Cruises promotes healthy eating, as well as encourages guests to partake in fitness programs at the ornate spa. The entertainment options include musical revues held in the Cabaret Lounge and live performances by accomplished musicians. Azamara Club Cruises throws a festive pool party one time during every cruise.

Azamara Club Cruise

Azamara Club Cruise












            • - Specializes in Australia and New Zealand cruises
            • - Wine included with dinner
            • - Onboard destination concierges


            • - Only two ships
            • - Pricey