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American Cruises

American Cruises

Operating seven small ships, American Cruise Lines fulfills a cruise niche not offered by most other cruise lines. The Connecticut based company operates cruises along the eastern and western American seaboards, as well as on the rivers that carve spectacular scenery within the interior of the country. American Cruise Lines caters to Americans who want a leisurely glimpse of the greatest American treasures and foreigners who travel thousands of miles by air to enjoy perhaps the best way to assimilate America’s natural splendors and unique sub-cultures.

Best Cruise Destinations

The best destinations for American Cruise Lines dot the banks of the mighty rivers in several states. Popular river cruises include trips to and from New Orleans on the Mississippi and a tour through the vast wilderness that comprises the Snake Canyon region of Washington. American Cruise Lines creates themed cruises that accentuate a part of American history. The Lewis & Clark expedition is one example of how the company leverages American history to produce memorable cruises.


American Cruise Lines provides a socially conducive place for complete strangers to kindle lifelong friendships. The small ships provide passengers with a sense of intimacy not only with other passengers, but also with the pristine beauty that surrounds them along every river bend and within deep coastal coves. American Cruise Lines employs a team of experts that travels extensively on the same routes where the cruise line’s passengers travel. The fountain of knowledge that flows from the team of experts enhances the experiences of guests who want to learn about the historical significance of cruise port destinations. Despite the small sizes of the ships, the cabins inside of American Cruise Line ships provide plenty of space and include the only balconies in the United States coastal cruise industry. Passengers never spend an entire day at sea, as all seven ships dock at ports every day during excursions.


Since the destination is the important piece of the cruise puzzle, some passengers may tire of waiting at ports to take off to other destinations. Guests who prefer to relax on the soothing open sea can expect the ship itineraries to disappoint them. Constant tours can also wear down guests who prefer to explore port of calls on their own.

Outstanding Features

One of the cultural wonders expressed by foreigners is the myriad cuisines available not only in ports, but also on every American Cruise Lines ship. Some passengers enjoy fresh steam lobsters on New England cruises, while other guests explore the culinary delights offered in Cajun country. The unique 5:00 cocktail hour loosens up passengers before dinner and the nightly lecture that describes features endemic to the area the ship has made port. In an era of heightened security, one of the best features of sailing with American Cruise Lines is the lack of hassle leaving and returning to the ships. Passengers do not need to flash personal identification cards to regain access to the ships.

American Cruise

American Cruise












            • - River cruises
            • - Promotes passenger camaraderie
            • - Educational
            • - Dock at ports every night


            • - Constant touring wears down older passengers
            • - Long waits for ship departures