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Alaska Dream Cruises

Alaska Dream Cruises

They call it the small ship cruise niche in the cruise line industry, but Alaska Dream Cruises takes passengers deep within the remotes parts of the largest state, Alaska. The small ship line operates on the premise that the company exposes passengers to the pristine wonders of “Real Alaska.” Cultural and wildlife centric education programs conducted aboard the company’s three ships highlight the cruises that vary in length between 8 and 13 days. The premier Alaska only cruise line promotes the less publicized parts of Alaska visited by awestruck cruise ship guests. Along with Admiralty Dream, Alaskan Dream, and Baron of Dream, Alaskan Dream Cruises expects to introduce a fourth member of the fleet called Chicago of Dream.

Best Cruise Destinations

Alaska Dream Cruises explores the inner passage of the most beautiful state in America. Most of the itineraries encourage guests to spend extensive time on shore, with the leaders of the highly seasoned expedition team. The best cruise destinations for Alaskan Dream Cruises include visits to the smallest ports, such as Kake and Petersburg. In addition to the undisturbed natural splendor that surrounds passengers, the smallest ports are not accessible to larger cruise lines. This gives Alaskan Dream Cruises guests full run of the small port towns, where the people provide generous hospitality.


Although Alaskan Dream Cruises strives to present the rustic lifestyle found in smaller ports, the company’s greatest strength lies in creating diverse itineraries that also allow passenger to enjoy the hustle and bustle of larger cities such as Juneau. The cozy and casual vibe onboard the ships extend from the one lounge to the deck that showcases the best of Alaskan culture. No other cruise line of any niche offers a more outdoor-focused trip. The cultural themes of the itineraries encourage devout guests of Alaskan Dream Cruises to try different ships and itineraries. None of the ships contains televisions or wi-fi devices, which enhances the wildlife themed cruises.


Small ship cruise lines are not for everybody. In fact, tourists who typically vacation on large, ornate cruise ships may not adapt to the streamlined amenities offered by Alaskan Dream Cruises. Younger tourists may fee uncomfortable living aboard a relatively small ship with the vast majority of passengers who range in age from their late fifties to early eighties. The casual ambiance may put off travelers who are used to dress codes and reserved seating.

Outstanding Features

The alluring features of Alaskan Dream Cruises have more to do about the lack of amenities than vacationing in lavish comfort. Local Alaskan suppliers provide every product, from the homemade beer to toiletries that include hand carved soap. The casual ambiance and open seating policy promote the feeling of camaraderie, as if passengers must bond together to conquer the unknown wilderness that lurks offshore. Alaskan Dream Cruises devotes much of the ship’s infrastructure to offering passengers clear views of the jaw dropping beauty that defines Alaska.

Alaska Dream Cruise

Alaska Dream Cruise












            • - Diverse Alaskan itineraries
            • - Casual ship ambiance
            • - No televisions


            • - Streamlined amenities
            • - Rugged destination conditions